exhibition Zoomers    |    October 2014
in the window shop of fashion- and lifestyle store Zoomers.
With new photoseries Melt: October 1 - November 12, 2014, click here for an impression!
Adres Zoomers: Kerkstraat 65, Den Bosch

Design Gipfel    |    September 2014
On November 15 and 16, I’m selling my work at Design Gipfel in Münster!


exhibition Beeldspraak   |    September 2014
Fika’s fifth exhibition opens at September 26, 2014, 16:00h, with a performance of visual artist Martin Peulen.

With work of: Hanneke Adelaar | Iris van den Akker | Maarten Bel | Eileen Boeijkens | Sietske Isings | Whitney Lemasian | Niels Mud | Yonne de Ridder

Exhibition: 26/09/2014 - 08/01/2015
koffie bij teun - Lange Brugstraat 25, Breda.

www.studio-fika.nl & www.koffiebijteun.nl

Food Focus Cookbook    |    September 2014
Last July and August I was part of the Food Focus expo. Besides joining this exhibition
a digital cookbook is published! This book
shows the benifits of a meatless lifestyle and
is full of easy and jummy
plant based recipes!
My prickly pear accompanies a delicious smoothie recipe of the lovely Lisette Kreischer
on page 12.

Download the full PDF at foodfocusexpo.nl/kookboek

exhibition Buutvrij    |   August 2014
with new photoseries Continuum: August 26 - Oktober 10, 2014
here for an impression!
Adress Buutvrij: Stationsstraat 49, Tilburg   

Food Focus expo    |    July 2014
I won the second prize of the Food Focus exhibition! Besides being part of the show
we got a goodiebag with fantastic gifts for sustainable and healthy living!

This event is an initiative of the Future Food Academy who wants to encourage positive and imaginative perception of plant nutrition. Great to be a part of this!

www.foodfocusexpo.nl / www.futurefoodacademy.nl

work in D!NG Magazine    |    July 2014

exhibition Plant Power    |    June 2014
with new photoseries Continuum: June 13 - July 11, 2014.



exhibition KOKO coffee & design | May 2014
with new photoseries Continuum: May 16 - July 16, 2014.

exhibition Een ravijn van Vanitas    |    May 2014
Fika’s fourth exhibition ‘Een ravijn van Vanitas’ can be seen from May 16 till September 1st at coffeebar koffie bij teun - Lange Brugstraat 25, Breda.

www.studio-fika.nl & www.koffiebijteun.nl

with work of: Joop Bource | Céline Buntsma | Tom l’Istelle | Yvette Jacobs |
Denneke Kouters | Whitney Lemasian | Yonne de Ridder | Rijkers & Blonk

At the same time, part of this work is exhibited at Fika’s windowshop and studio.

We are open every first sunday of the month, from 12.00 - 17.00h.

Video Mango at ‘De Blinde Muur’, Chassé, Breda    |    February 2014
Every evening from 19:00 to 22:00h, until the 6th of March.

Opening Fika’s exhibition Vergezicht    |    January 2014
Fika’s third exhibition ‘Vergezicht’ will start at Friday the 31th of January, 20:30h at coffeebar koffie bij teun (Lange Brugstaat 25) in Breda. We’ve got a great variety of
work, nice food and drinks and great music; so come join us!

Exhibition: 31/01/2014 - 01/05/2014
With work of:
Ludwig Volbeda | Dagmar Baars | Studio Fernweh | Charlotte Hofman |
Studio 1/60 | MJUK | Roos Holleman.

Visiting hours Koffie bij Teun:
ma di wo vr        09:00 - 18:00
do                       09:00 - 21:00
za                       09:00 - 17:00
zo                       12:00 - 17:00

At the same time, part of this work is exhibited at Fika’s windowshop and studio.

We are open every first sunday of the month, from 12.00 - 17.00h.

Kiwi, Kaki & Sinaasappel at Loods 5
| August 2013

Three photos of the Fruit series are now exhibited and fore sale at gallery N4T Loods 5 in Zaandam. This young gallery offers new, fresh and various artworks for a very affordable price. Some pieces are unique, others are sold in edition. Mine are sold in an edition of 50, size: 80 x 120 cm.

Visit the store:
Pieter Ghijsenlaan 14b, Zaandam

Opening expo#2 Fika    |    August 2013
Fika’s second exhibition ‘Uitgelicht’ will start at Friday the 23th of August, 20:00 h.
There will be an opening with food, drinks and a speech of freelance editor
Corien Ligtenberg. Come join us and check out the work of:

Charlotte van Iwaarden | Marit Maes | Martijn Harzing | Joop Bource |
Michael van Kekem | Milou Jilesen | Tom van der Pijl | Yonne de Ridder

We are open every first sunday of the month, from 12.00 - 17.00h.

Fika @ ShoppenBreda.nl   |    July 2013
Studio Fika’s activities are now on ShoppenBreda.nl! This website shows you all the stores, news and events in Breda. Fika is under the heading ‘Winkels’, ‘Creative’.

Exhibition Inspire Breda     |   May 2013
I’ve got an exhibition at Inspire Coffee in Breda! My Granaatappel XL (Pomegranate XL) accompanies the beautiful illustrations of Liekeland. The work can be seen till the 3rd of June.
Adress: Veemarktstraat 4, Breda

Home made market Breda   |    May 2013
On the 20th of May there will be a Home made market in the Grote Kerk (Church) in Breda. Fika will be present with a little shop with lots of handmade products of artists that are currently exhibiting their work in our windowshop.

The market will be open from 12:00 - 17:00.


Opening Fika    |    April 2013
I am proud to announce that April 26 will be the day that Fika officially opens!
This will be our first exhibition and we’re very exited about it. At the moment we are busy preparing the windowshop with a lot of very nice work of talented artists:

Merel Cremers
Joop Bource
Tom l’Istelle
Chris de Krijger
Yonne de Ridder
Jan & Truus
Olav Visser
and myself

We are open every first sunday of the month, from 12.00 - 17.00h.

Website Fika Online    |    April 2013
In November 2012 friend and colleague Yonne de Ridder and I established Studio Fika, a window shop where young, beginning artists can exhibit and sell their work.
And now we have our own website (
build by Chris de Krijger)!
Visit us at

Food Film Festival    |   March 2013
In the weekend of March 22, 23 and 24 my Fruit series will be exhibited at the Food Film Festival in Amsterdam. You can find them at Kriterion: Roetersstraat 170, Amsterdam.


Kunstroof    |    February 2013
Since February, my Fruit series can be seen at Kunstroof!
Kunstroof is a store and exhibition space where you can find a variety of works from visual artists, illustrators, photographers. A great initiative of artists Mandy den Elzen and Tom l’Istelle.

Come quick and have a look!

Adress: Vlakzak 2, Breda


For sale!    |    January 2013
Hurray! My promocard of the Fruit series are for sale at Puha Shop in Utrecht and Feito Com Amor in Breda.

Online shop    |    January 2013
My shop is officially online! You can order photoprints of my Fruit series and my book Twijfel is de oorzaak van een zoektocht. Just go to the shop, choose the work you like and simply click on the ‘order here‘ button.

Promo tour    |    January 2013
The end of 2012 was and the beginning of 2013 will be my Fruit promo period. With my prints, a notebook, business cards and a tight schedule I went to Arnhem, Amsterdam and Utrecht to visit designshops, coffeebars and galleries. I have met some nice people and perhaps there's a chance for a collaboration in the future.
Rotterdam and Eindhoven are the next destinations!

Postcards    |   December 2012
Look what I got this morning! My promocards of the Fruit series have arrived! I’ve been waiting for a while and now I have 500 beautiful cards to sell.

Giant!    |    November 2012
Fruit photoprints are also available at this large size (78 x 110 cm)!

Studio Fika    |   November 2012
Established Studio Fika with friend and colleague Yonne de Ridder.
Fika is a platform for young, beginning artists. We want to give them a chance to exhibit their work in the window display. It’s also a store, where you can buy the artworks each first Sunday of the month or you can make an appointment with us.

You can follow us on

Newnewnew!    |   October 2012
New studio at the Viveslaan in Breda!

For sale!    |      August 2012
My series Fruit is now for sale at Feito Com Amor, a shop with vintage stuff and cool products of artists and designers. Come over and check it out!

Adress: St. Annastraat 17, Breda

Online exhibition   |  
November 2011
From today on, my photoseries Fruit can be viewed at Julia’s Photo Museum!
Visual artist Julia van den Broek invites other artists to
make a short serie and exhibit their work on her website.

You can visit the Guest Exhibition at www.juliavandenbroek.nl

Newnewnew!    |    August 2011

New studio at the Veilingkade in Breda!

Reprint book    |    July 2011
After the great interest and succes of my book ‘Twijfel is de oorzaak van een zoektocht’, I decided to print another edition. There are a few books left, so be quick if you want a copy!

See Work > Twijfel is de oorzaak van een zoektocht I, for more details.
E-mail me at info@whitneylemasian.com

MuMa    |    June 2011
I am asked to be a guest at ‘MuMa Proudly Presents’. In this live talkshow of the Moluks Museum Utrecht (Moluccan Museum Utrecht) I’m going to talk about my work in relation to my Moluccan origin.

Book    |    April 2011

My first book ‘Twijfel is de oorzaak van een zoektocht’ is here and 40 copies

are ready to be sold!

Nominated!    |    September 2010

Nominated for the Steenbergen Stipendium 2010! www.nederlandsfotomuseum.nl

As part of the nominations my work will be exhibited in the Nederlands Fotomuseum,

Rotterdam from September 18 – October 24, 2010.

On the radio!    |    September 2010

On October 17th I am a guest on Radio Oras, a radio show for people

from Amsterdam and especially Moluccan people from Amsterdam.

This particular program is about passion and I will tell about my graduation project ‘Untitled’, 2010.


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